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Remember December 31, 2019? Little did we know. We all had our own expectations for 2020 and suffice to say most of those expectations were… not metBut everything we went through this year, we went through together.  

It sounds trite, but our most popular posts speak for themselves: we were all seeking the same information, the same relief, and the same hope to pull us through.  

Here’s a look at what Sanvello members just like you were reading this year, and the tools and tips that resonated most: 

Things got overwhelming quickly, and we needed a little help. 

You weren’t alone in feeling stressed this year, and you were smart to seek out tools to support you. From calming playlists to new go-to coping techniques, you added new tools to your back pocket for those tough moments.  


We knew amidst everything happening, we needed to take care of ourselves. 

The need for self-care reached new levels in 2020These posts helped us recognize our current mental state and outlined practical ways to invest in our well-being during a pandemic.  


But at the end of the day, we still found a way to prioritize each other.  

Despite all the distress and uncertainty of this year, we still looked toward the sunlight and ways to help those around us. We prioritized random acts of kindness, fruitful conversations, and staying socially connected to one another.  

The articles above were our most popular not only because they were relevant when we posted them, but because they’re relevant all year. Bookmark the ones that help, copy and paste your favorite tips into a Note, and know that we’ll be working on ways to help you through 2021 and all the years to come. 


By Kelton Wright Vice President Content, Strategy and Production at Sanvello

Kelton is an author, editor, and athlete passionate about helping people live happier lives. She’s taught mindfulness to NFL coaches, led hundreds of women through cycling clinics, written an Amazon best seller on dating, and worked with brands like Runner’s World, Rapha, Headspace, Teen Vogue, Bicycling Magazine, Thrive Market, Skratch Labs, Peloton Magazine, and more all with the mission of empowering others. She is currently the VP of Content, Strategy, and Production at Sanvello. Follow her on Instagram: @keltonwrites