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It’s been a strange couple of years since March 2020, but if we’ve learned anything, we know that self-care is going to play a big role in how we get through the next oneWoften spend so much of the holiday season giving to and taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. When conversations turn stressful, when plans change, when the days are long and dark, a good mental health kit can help you through. Here are our favorite tools for restoring our joy so we can head into our next year feeling rested, nourished, and ready for a brand new year


For when you‘re maybe being a little too hard on yourself: 

Self-Compassion Meditation 

Our inner critic can be a little rude sometimes. When it’s getting the best of you, this meditation can help you change your tune.

For when you want to feel all warm’n’happy: 

Hope Board 

The Hope Board is like your personal, private Gratitude List: you can fill it with your favorite quotes, save compliments people gave you, upload pictures of cute pets or great hair days or your favorite takeout. Your Hope Board is a place to come back to when you need a pick-me-up, so fill it with all your favorite things. Right now, your Hope Board is only available in the mobile app, so make sure you try this one out on your phone.

For when things feel super hectic and you need to re-center: 

Finding Peace Meditation 

Even when we stay home, somehow all the Zooms and messages and attempts at celebration can leave us feel scattered. Find yourself some peace with this meditation. 

For when you’re just straight-up overwhelmed:  


When there’s too much in your head, make some space by getting those thoughts out of the swirl and into writing. And it doesn’t have to be good writing! You can even write a;klfj;alfj;lsaf and it’ll do your heart some good. The Journaling tool is also only available in the mobile app, so try this one out on your phone, too.

For when you want to feel all warm’n’happy: 

Songs That Give Hope 

We made a special playlist on Spotify full of songs that bring us hope. It’s joy and good vibes, and maybe it’ll even bring a new artist or two into your life. 

For when you just wanna vent about a very long and very difficult year:

Staying Socially Connected 

It’s going to be an unusual holiday for a lot of people. A little connection can do the body good. For you, or maybe for someone else. Join the conversation to share how you’re taking care of yourself and see how others might be as well. 

We’ve really been through the ringer this year, and there’s still work to do. Every day at Sanvellowe strive to make life easier, richer, and happier for our members. That’s why we’ve made you an “I can get through this” toolkit for you to keep in your pocket, right in the Sanvello app. 

We are so grateful that you give us a chance to do work that brings us fulfillment and meaning. Thank you, and we’re wishing you joy, peace, and meaning in the weeks and years to come.  


By Kelton Wright Vice President Content, Strategy and Production at Sanvello

Kelton is an author, editor, and athlete passionate about helping people live happier lives. She’s taught mindfulness to NFL coaches, led hundreds of women through cycling clinics, written an Amazon best seller on dating, and worked with brands like Runner’s World, Rapha, Headspace, Teen Vogue, Bicycling Magazine, Thrive Market, Skratch Labs, Peloton Magazine, and more all with the mission of empowering others. She is currently the VP of Content, Strategy, and Production at Sanvello. Follow her on Instagram: @keltonwrites