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Let’s do this together.

Find a fresh perspective in a judgment-free, label-free space. View posts from your Sanvello community, exploring a diverse range of topics from stress relief techniques to words of encouragement and gratitude. You’re in charge and surrounded by peer insights—a simple way to feel less alone.

Find words of solace and inspiration from other community members, and add your own.


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Be gentle with yourself. Right now more than ever is a time to step back and take care of yourself.

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Remember you are a glorified houseplant: you need water, fresh air, and sunshine.

Discover techniques to feel calm and reduce stress when you need it.

Be reminded of your strength and what matters in your life.


in Gratitude

I’m grateful because I choose to keep going, to keep fighting. I hope whoever reads this keeps fighting too. You are not alone.

in Work Stress

Take a few moments and reflect on the fact that you’re not living your life for anyone else. You’re in control, and nobody can change that.

Get advice for dealing with stress and hear from others who have been there.

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