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Garden Marcus

We all have those days when we’re feeling grumpy, anxious, or just a little off balance. At Sanvello, one of the ways we like to get out of a funk is taking a few minutes to step away from the stress, grab our headphones, and listen to Garden Marcus. He’s known to share gems of wisdom that make us immediately feel better, while tending to his gorgeous garden.  

As the founder of the wellness company Choice Forward and a proud Sanvello partner, Marcus has made it his mission to empower people and strengthen communities. 

We recently talked with Garden Marcus about self-care, gardening, bad days, and all things mental health. Take a moment to watch him in action and enjoy all of the beauty that he has to share.

1. What does good mental health look like to you? 

Good mental health looks like a calm and collected clear pool of water. Various contaminates and harsh conditions might disturb the tranquility, but with practice, the waves, and pollution don’t linger or have lasting effects.  

2. What tools do you find most helpful when you’re having a challenging day? 

The garden is currently my strongest tool for my mental health. Journaling and meditation are weekly tools that help me check in with my wellbeing and nurture peace between my mind and body. 

Gardening has an uplifting effect on my mood. It reminds me that we are all trying to grow, and I should focus on the factors surrounding my growth. 

3. Who do you turn to for support when you have a challenging day? 

I turn to my loved ones and those I trust to hear me out and give earnest feedback, even if it is going to be hard for me to hear. 

4. What are the things that typically top your gratitude list? 

Quality community and connection, as well as a healthy environment.

5. How are you feeling as we move into the spring? Do you see this as a time for renewal and growth? 

I love that the spring is a time for change and building momentum that will carry us through the next several months. My garden was hit hard in the Texas frost, so I have a fair amount of rebuilding to do.

6. How have your messages of patience and positivity resonated with your fans? 

Many of my followers and fans have said that they look forward to my videos and that the messages have helped them find peace in their day, as well as reframe their thinking to be more patient and positive.

7. What would you tell someone who is struggling with their mental health but is hesitant to ask for help? 

Try not to judge yourself. It doesn’t help to put yourself down. Instead, think about what you have learned from your experiences. Remind yourself you have nothing to prove, and you don’t need to be afraid. Start journaling immediately and if you need guidance on journaling, check out some of the journaling prompts that I have on my Instagram.

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By Katie Nave, Copywriter at Sanvello

Katie Nave is a writer and mental health advocate living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been featured in publications including Glamour, Business Insider, and Motherly. She has served as a producer for the National Women’s March and worked with organizations like Girls Inc. and CancerCare. She is currently the Copywriter at Sanvello and you can follow her on Instagram: @kathryn.e.nave