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Sanvello wants you to have all the resources you need throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Let us take care of you while you take care of us.

Your mental health matters now more than ever.

These tools are here to support you. Check back often as we’re continually adding new resources.

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Sanvello for Clinicians – Free during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has made virtual care a necessity for many providers and patients. Sanvello for Clinicians is a free, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.

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How to Sort Through Anger, Anxiety, and Anticipatory Grief

A crisis can bring complicated emotions, even for healthcare workers.


What You’re Feeling Might Be Grief

Learn the 5 stages of grief so you can identify and manage those feelings.


Is Your Role in Healthcare Leading to Burnout?

Identify the hallmark signs of burnout in healthcare so you can manage it and even prevent it.

Share these free resources with your patients.

Sanvello is offering free premium access through the COVID-19 crisis. Below are additional free resources you can share with your patients to help them cope.

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Sanvello for Stress and Anxiety

Free premium access during COVID-19

Better navigate this difficult time and manage your mental health with the top-rated app for stress and anxiety.


How to Prevent Burnout With Self-Care

Healthcare providers offer care to others all day. Here’s how they can apply that same level of care to themselves.

Blog Post

6 unexpected ways to feel connected in a quarantine

With the internet at our disposal, here are some fun and clever ways to feel connected even when we’re social distancing.


7 Ways Healthcare Workers Can Build Resiliency

Cultivating resiliency can help you counter-balance burnout. Find out how.

Flipbook / PDF

A Guide to Feeling Better

Find relief during tough moments with the key cognitive behavioral therapy lessons from Sanvello.


Staying Strong: Coronavirus Q&A –
Coping With the Media

The 24/7 news cycle is causing many of us to feel burned out on COVID-19. Here’s how you can filter out the noise and reduce stress.

Connect with patients online

Sanvello for Clinicians is a HIPAA-compliant care platform to conduct telehealth sessions with your patients—whether you’re a private practice, an independent physician, or a behavioral health therapist.

Your patients attend sessions with you from either the Sanvello app on their smartphone, or by logging into their Sanvello account from their personal computer.

Free access to the Sanvello for Clinicians telehealth platform during COVID-19—get started in minutes.