Sanvello for clinicians

A telehealth platform for your practice — free for 90 days

Technology has become an increasingly critical component of providing mental health care, but COVID-19 has made it a requirement.

Sanvello for Clinicians is a telehealth platform that provides a collaborative approach, allows for better and more responsive treatments, and helps you connect with and support patients during a time of heightened stress and anxiety. Sign up to try it free for 90 days.

Sanvello for Clinicians helps you:

Gain deeper insights by reviewing your clients’ mental health data
Augment in-person sessions with paperless clinical assessments
Organize your calendar with simple appointment scheduling
Expand your practice with secure, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy and client chat

Supercharge your practice to help more clients, more effectively.


Increase Engagement

Give clients access to an extensive library of therapy tools, including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness exercises.

Gain Deeper Insights

View clients’ data, including mood and health ratings, behavioral goals, and assessment results, and track their progress over time.

Monitor & Improve Outcomes

Use paperless assessments (PHQ-9, GAD-7, etc.) to screen and monitor symptoms ongoing, with results easily uploaded to an EHR.

Organize Your Schedule

Schedule appointments in advance, either once or on a recurring basis. Send push notification reminders to your clients to increase attendance rates and reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Go Beyond the Office

Serve clients who can’t come to your office using our HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform, including client chat, reminders, and more.

Get started with the Sanvello for Clinicians telehealth platform in minutes: Free 90-day trial during COVID-19

A better way to connect and support your clients.

Ongoing Communication

Sanvello empowers your clients by helping them communicate with you and making them feel more involved in clinical decision-making.

Measurement-Based Care

Better determine when treatments are working and facilitate treatment adjustments as necessary using data directly from your clients.

In-depth, Timely Feedback

Get a dynamic understanding of your clients’ well-being by viewing their activity and assessment results, allowing for insight between sessions.

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