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Sanvello is the top-rated app for stress, anxiety, and depression, with over 3 million registered users. Built on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Sanvello offers clinically validated strategies and support to help people relieve symptoms and feel happier over time.

Leverage the #1 app for anxiety and depression.
As part of clinical studies, Sanvello gives researchers an array of practical, clinically validated tools that measurably improve the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Patients feel improvement in 30 days

In a randomized, wait-listed controlled study of 500 adults, Sanvello* was shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression over the course of 30 days. Participants also reported increased self-efficacy.1

5X more engaging than traditional therapy

Study participants interacted with Sanvello nearly five times more often than other forms of mental health therapy.1

Decreased symptoms long term

Study participants showed sustained improvement after 30 days, even after they stopped using the app.1

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“Sanvello leverages the proven effectiveness of CBT in new ways. They’ve created thoughtful, rich experiences that engage users with relatable, bite-sized concepts on multiple sensory levels. By reading, listening, watching, and interacting, I believe users will be in a better position to change their thoughts and feelings, manage behavior patterns, and build on those skills over time.”

Patrick Raue, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, UW Medicine

Meet our Advisory Board

Sanvello is dedicated to delivering evidence-based medicine, maintaining clinical rigor, measuring outcomes and costs, and advancing mental health research.

Led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Monika Roots, Sanvello works with experts across the field to continually enhance our delivery model. We are driven to achieve the Triple Aim: lower costs, improved outcomes and population health, and a better care experience.

Monika Roots, MD (Chair)

Chief Medical Officer


Emily Black, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacist
Paul Deger, MA, LPC, PT
Meditation Coach
Moment Health
Clive Fields, MD
Family Medicine Physician
Houston Methodist
Patrick Raue, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
UW Medicine
Brian Williams, BCC, PCC, NBC-HWC
Director of Coaching
Rally Health

Interested in using Sanvello for a research study?

While Sanvello doesn’t provide clinical or technical support, we welcome research into the effectiveness of our solution, particularly studies led by academic researchers. We would love to be informed of your research projects involving Sanvello, and appreciate any opportunity to review your data and findings.

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