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Peer support is a powerful part of the Sanvello experience. Explore hundreds of posts from community members on a diverse range of topics, from stress relief techniques to words of encouragement and gratitude. Draw strength from people who understand your situation. Share your own perspective to help others.

Find words of solace and inspiration from other community members, and add your own.


in Your Stories

I love you all, even though I don’t know you. I care for you 😉 Have a fantastically wonderful day, stay strong, and take care of yourself.

in Health

Cleaning up your space makes the world of a difference for me. Having a clean slate around makes it easier for me to think clearly.

Discover techniques to feel calm and reduce stress when you need it.

Be reminded of your strength and what matters in your life.


in Relax

After a tough day I will sit down for a few minutes and tell myself that it will all be okay in the end. Because it will be.

in Work Stress

Good luck and keep going to everyone who is job searching! I’m still looking and it can be draining. but don’t give up!

Get advice for dealing with work stress and hear from others who have been there.

Stay in touch.

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