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Look back to look forward.

To move thoughts and behaviors in a better direction, it helps to see where you’ve been. Use your daily record of moods as a roadmap for improvement.

A key part of cognitive behavioral therapy is understanding how actions and feelings are related. Based on your mood data, Sanvello progress assessments show you connection points between your experiences, activities, and emotions. So you can see what happened, how you felt, and be better prepared in the future.


“How are you feeling now?”

Sanvello prompts you to make a record of your feelings and behaviors throughout the day. Alongside your moods and emotions, you can add notes on hobbies, experiences, and health activities. The more you track, the clearer the picture.


“See how you’re doing this week.”

With your moods and activities tracked, you can look back on your feelings day by day and see patterns in your experiences and behaviors. That insight can help you navigate wisely, from reinforcing good habits to avoiding situations that don’t help.


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