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Track your mood.
Discover your patterns.

Keep tabs on your emotional health. Sanvello helps you monitor your thoughts and feelings day by day — a big first step in helping you control them.

Relieving stress, anxiety, or depression starts with noting how you feel. Sanvello mood tracking, daily reminders, and health tracking tools guide you to monitor your emotions, see positive and negative influences, and make changes that can help.


Monitor Your Mood

Capture how you’re feeling throughout the day to create a valuable record of your moods and emotions. Journaling features make it easy to add details and context to look back on.


Daily Reminders

Sanvello prompts you with reminders to check in on your mood, either at random times or on a specific schedule. It only takes a few seconds to make an entry.


Health Tracking and Goals

Track daily health habits like exercise, sleep, caffeine, and other factors that can affect how you feel. Use Sanvello tools to set personalized health goals based on your needs and lifestyle.


See Your Progress

As you collect data on your moods and activities over time, a clearer picture develops. Discover trends in your mood chart and see which habits and behaviors improve how you feel.


Guided Journey

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