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Symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression can arise when you least expect. Always have the right tools a tap away to shift your perspective and feel better.

When feelings or life situations get in the way of your happiness, Sanvello helps you change your outlook and get on a better path. Tools to meditate and calm your mind. Ways to redirect negative thoughts and feel more hopeful. And guidance to set goals and prioritize your health.



Whether you’re in a stressful moment or unwinding after a long day, Sanvello meditation activities help you relax and be in the present moment whenever you need it.



Track daily health habits like exercise, sleep, and caffeine that can affect your mood. You’ll start to notice patterns and then can make adjustments. No judgment, just insight.



Your Hope Board is a place to find inspiration and joy when you need an emotional boost. Collect favorite photos, quotes, completed activities, and content from other Sanvello users.



Simple activities help you see links between events in your life and your emotional responses. Taking a closer look can help change how you react and be better prepared in the future.



Set goals to focus on what’s important to you. Start with small daily challenges and progress at your own pace. As you keep at it, activities get easier and you’ll start feeling better.


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