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On-demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression.

Formerly Pacifica, Sanvello offers clinically validated techniques and support to help you relieve symptoms and feel happier over time.

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The #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression with 2.9 million users.

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Pacifica is now Sanvello

Many journeys.
Find yours here.

Your life and your mind are unique. With Sanvello’s toolkit of strategies and resources, you always have something that works for your situation—right when symptoms appear and as you progress.

Stay engaged each day for benefits you can feel. The more you put into it, the more you get out.

Daily Self Care

Find calm.

Always have the tools you need to relax, shift perspectives, or cope with stressful situations. Record your mood and health activities day by day to find patterns.

Guided Journeys

Gain insight and control.

Designed by clinical experts, Guided Journeys use cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques to help you build life skills and feel more in control over time.

Community support

Feel more connected.

Tap into Sanvello’s vibrant peer community to draw strength from others. Share stories, encouragement, and personal insights on a wide range of topics.

Start your journey here.

The #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression with 2.9 million users.

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Built on what works.

Sanvello is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness meditation, strategies shown to provide effective relief for mental health concerns including anxiety and depression.

You’re not alone in this.

Find advice and encouragement from people who understand what you’re experiencing. Share your own journey to help others make progress.


in Your Stories

Keep going; you can do it. Don’t give up

in Health

Friendly reminder: healing is not an overnight process

in Gratitude

I’m new to this app, but I haven’t seen one hateful comment towards another person. Everyone on here is so open minded and you guys never judge

in Relax

Feeling happy is so weird, very cool, but weird, it’s such an unfamiliar feeling to me but I’ve felt it so much recently