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The COVID-19 pandemic has us all grappling with how to navigate this difficult time and manage our mental health. There is much beyond our control, but there is one thing we can do at Sanvello—and that’s provide on-demand help with reducing stress and anxiety.

To that end, premium access to Sanvello—all content, coping tools, and peer support—is completely free during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s effective immediately (no action required).*

For those with qualifying insurance or sponsorship through your employer or higher education institution, you’ll find even more services available—now and beyond this pandemic. 

We hope this small step provides some calm, insight, and connection (see our new Staying Socially Connected community) during this difficult time.

Together, we’ll get through this.

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*Existing premium users will continue to be billed


in Staying Socially Connected

I was wired to the headlines for the past few days like everybody else, but finally had a moment of clarity and started meditating to put my mind at ease. Best thing I’ve done all day.

in Staying Socially Connected

We get each other’s struggles with anxiety. Glad you guys are here when the walls start to feel like they are closing in. I have you all to help me get through this. Thanks everyone.

in Staying Socially Connected

Since this past Sunday I decided to limit myself to watch news only once a day. Information about Covid was driving me very anxious. I’m trying to focus on my work from home, listening to good music, and watching funny videos.

in Staying Socially Connected

I made a list of people I want to intentionally reach out to multiple times a week during this time of isolation so that we stay connected and are not alone.

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