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Stress at Work

Anyone else feel like they are a fraud at work? Just trying to keep your head above water, pull off another day without everyone finding out you are incompetent?

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 2:59 AM, 5 comments

I dont ever want to reach the point in life where every day is the same. I dont want to wake up, go to work, watch tv and then go to sleep only to repeat the same steps the next day. Im only young but I fear for my future. There must be more point to life than working untill I retire. I dont just want to exist, I want to live.

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 11:59 AM, 5 comments

Like if you can relate to retail life, customers treat you like dirt, co workers do nothing and the boss could care less as long as it all gets done by SOMEONE (who eventually always turns out to be you). :/ I try to escape work life through sleep but I dream about work lol

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 9:36 PM, 0 comments

I feel like my life is a job because of how much work has to be put into it to get it to where it needs to be.

Posted at Oct 28, 2017 10:05 PM, 0 comments

Tell me how, when my boss says I'm doing a great job, I still feel like I'm failing?

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 10:27 PM, 2 comments

I have so much work to do at my new job, but I am grateful for having a decent job.

Posted at Oct 26, 2017 2:43 AM, 0 comments

I am an educator. I work with 9 and 10 year olds. I get very frustrated when they don't follow directions. Some days are better than others. It just gets so old asking for the same thing over and over again.

Posted at Oct 24, 2017 10:08 PM, 1 comments

Need to really be patient and acknowledge my learning curve

Posted at Oct 24, 2017 4:18 AM, 0 comments

Today wasn’t a good day. I felt defeated, depressed, and deflated. Sometimes I feel that I have no one at all to talk to. I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 2:34 AM, 1 comments

Today I have been so tired and unfocused, but I really need to get something done. So frustrating.

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 7:00 PM, 1 comments

My work environment makes my anxiety so high. I feel on the verge of tears and/or a panic attacks everyday. It’s the combination of a bad/unhealthy environment for me and the people. I am looking hard for a new job and applying daily, but I cannot leave until I secure one. Some days it feels like I won’t make it. Words of encouragement are appreciated.

Posted at Oct 24, 2017 1:58 PM, 5 comments

As a teacher, I’m observed semi-regularly. Anxiety and depression have skyrocketed since last week’s visit. I don’t feel I’m good enough, and so I’m living in fear of getting fired and letting both the students and myself down.

Posted at Oct 28, 2017 7:25 PM, 2 comments

I don't understand why customers feel the need to be so rude! And why management are so bitchy it's like working for the cast of mean girls!

Posted at Oct 26, 2017 9:53 AM, 1 comments

Do you ever feel exhausted from trying to cheer up everyone’s spirits around you and from trying to provide positive support, all while trying to hide the depression? I’m trying so hard to just make it through a day, and sometimes if feels like maintaining the cheerful persona is equally draining.

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 3:45 AM, 3 comments

Finally got a job offer! I need to stay confident as I try to negotiate the compensation package. I’m 0/2 in negotiating for more in my last two jobs. Don’t want to remain a statistic of how women aren’t as good at negotiating!

Posted at Oct 24, 2017 1:09 PM, 1 comments

Sometimes the smallest thing at work can trigger my unhappiness. It doesn't even have to be something significant, just a small thing and suddenly it takes ALL I've got not to start crying there and then. The nature of my job, dealing with customers, means that I can't even take a break to cry in private, I just have to try really really hard not to start cryin in front of them and remain smiley

Posted at Oct 22, 2017 7:02 PM, 0 comments

I feel like I’m chasing a meaningless routine every day.

Posted at Oct 26, 2017 3:43 AM, 0 comments

I have coworkers who are nice to your face but are pretty negative about work or cynical abou life in general. They are all friendly to me but sometimes I worry they may talk behind my back and I want to find community elsewhere. What do you all try or where do you go to find community outside work?

Posted at Oct 27, 2017 1:24 AM, 1 comments

A customer who my manager believed would be trouble came in today after a sticky situation yesterday and complimented me on how I handled it. Don't assume the worst, y'all. Customer service is difficult stuff at best but when handled right it gets easier

Posted at Oct 27, 2017 2:45 AM, 0 comments

I'm unemployed

Posted at Oct 27, 2017 4:10 AM, 2 comments

I just quit my REALLY good paying job last Friday a coworker FLIPPED OUT on me in front of the rest of our coworkers and about 30 customers for entering employee food discounts at the end of the night like my boss asked me to do. I took a deep breath, did not return and walked outside to call my boss and explained the situation. Management did nothing but make ME take a day off and act like this is completely appropriate. So I quit. I can longer tolerate confrontation in my life.

Posted at Oct 25, 2017 8:17 PM, 0 comments

I'm a nurse and I have nightmares/dreams about patients or things that I did wrong. I hear the call lights in my mind. I want to sleep to take a break from work, not still be there 🙃

Posted at Oct 26, 2017 9:50 AM, 3 comments

My boss would rather sit at his desk having us do all the work but stresses teamwork.

Posted at Oct 27, 2017 5:12 PM, 0 comments

Tomorrow is Monday, please let the anxiety and worry wash away and the grace of allowing great things to happen even if it's not what I planned.

Posted at Oct 22, 2017 5:42 PM, 0 comments

I have a hard time dealing with my boss, it’s not like he is mean, but he does make me feel like the office idiot almost on a daily basis. I do the best I can, but there always seems to be something wrong.

Posted at Oct 27, 2017 4:53 PM, 1 comments
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