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Stress at Work

I don't like working with people that don't care about their jobs as much as I do. Some people work at a place for so long and when someone new comes in with fresh enthusiasm, it rattles them.

Posted at Mar 2, 2017 2:32 AM, 0 comments

My depression and anxiety is making it hard to do my job... I'm either crying, withdrawn, or will snap over little things.

Posted at Mar 4, 2017 10:36 PM, 2 comments

I am on the verge of quiting my job because I am beyond overwhelmed. I work 50 hour weeks. I am an orthopedic surgical technician. I am new to orthopedics and the amount of procedures I have to learn are so many and it's over whelping and frustrating. I don't want to do this anymore. I go to work with anxiety every day and I'm constantly sweating because of how nervous I am. My drinking habits have increased and I don't like that. I just don't know what to do about my anxiety.

Posted at Feb 26, 2017 8:43 PM, 4 comments

I'm pretty sure I'll never amount to anything .. I can't seem to find a job I like or am good at, I'm terrified to look for new employment because I feel I have nothing to offer and no one will hire me.. I stay at a job I truly hate because I figure it'll all be the same

Posted at Mar 1, 2017 4:45 PM, 7 comments

My coworkers tell me I take things too personally but I just can't stand when the same people make the same mistakes because it falls on me when the work isn't correct. They also talk behind my back and make it seem like my job isn't important but they don't even take the time to know what my job is. Makes me feel unimportant and makes me mad - they're rude and mean and I hate working with them so I shut my door all day and then I'm labeled anti social: I can't win with these people

Posted at Feb 28, 2017 9:22 PM, 1 comments

Does anyone manage a full time job with bad anxiety ?

Posted at Mar 4, 2017 10:16 PM, 6 comments

I feel like I'm going to work my life away...

Posted at Mar 4, 2017 3:12 AM, 1 comments

I thought my job was a dream job, I knew it wouldn't be perfect but I didn't realize how much the open office would affect me. Everyone is so judgmental and I'm not allowed to make any mistakes. That's insane!

Posted at Mar 2, 2017 2:13 AM, 1 comments

I tend to mess up at work a lot and I know it's because I'm tired and stressed but it's getting really bad. I feel like I'm going to get fired which is scary. I live in constant fear.

Posted at Mar 4, 2017 5:37 AM, 5 comments

I feel like one of my bosses treats me and talks to me like an idiot. I feel like I may quit over this as i don't feel like it's going to get better. I'm trying to get a work-from-home job now to avoid commuting. I just hope things turn around this month.

Posted at Mar 1, 2017 6:23 PM, 2 comments

The only reason I'm working is I need money. If I was rich I wouldn't be working because honestly I can't seem to find a job I truly like. I'm feeling so stressed out at the moment.

Posted at Mar 1, 2017 3:37 PM, 0 comments

A career I started and wanted so badly to succeed at is being ruined by the environment I'm working in. I really am finding it hard to dispel these negative thoughts about it. Grrrr......

Posted at Feb 27, 2017 2:58 PM, 4 comments

I am sick of employees asking me to cut their hours so they don't lose their government benefits.

Posted at Feb 27, 2017 5:15 PM, 0 comments

Just don't want to go to work

Posted at Mar 4, 2017 10:37 AM, 0 comments

I am nearly in the end of my holidays and I feel sad I have to go back to work.

Posted at Mar 1, 2017 4:54 AM, 1 comments

I am beyond grateful for my new job but the thoughts of learning my new job, making friends and getting into a new routine is making me feel very overwhelmed.

Posted at Feb 27, 2017 11:42 PM, 0 comments

Today is the day I'll know if I got that job or not. If I don't get it, I'm stuffed. My redundancy date is 22/03/17!!

Posted at Mar 3, 2017 10:06 AM, 0 comments

Why do I just not wanna go to work! I used to love it but now it's a struggle even thinking about going 🙄it's disheartening

Posted at Mar 1, 2017 7:04 PM, 2 comments

Email notification have given me PTSD. My phone goes off & suddenly have a ton of emails I have to read, get to, respond. As soon as I catch up another bunch is waiting for me. All are either bills statements to be paid or questions I have to reply to. This whole email electronic thing has gotten out of control. I can never catch up & is a huge source of anxiety for me now. Hate it.

Posted at Mar 2, 2017 7:03 AM, 3 comments

Had a very dull day at work. Felt like I wanted to be anywhere but there. I said that I stick with this job for a while longer but it's just not my thing.

Posted at Mar 2, 2017 7:06 AM, 0 comments

I'm a freelancer. My last employer is 2months late with paying me. I'm running out of food money and I can't focus on my new job, because I worry about what to eat to stay afloat a bit longer. Deadline on the new job is approaching and I will be penalised for delays, so I might end up with even less money. Wish me enough motivation to finish this new job asap.

Posted at Feb 28, 2017 12:46 AM, 0 comments

Just waiting to hear if I am getting an interview for the pernimate position of the job I currently have... I really love it here and want to stay...

Posted at Mar 3, 2017 6:51 PM, 2 comments

All alone in the office today and having to take on everyone else's work. Feeling pretty stressed out 😞

Posted at Mar 2, 2017 12:16 PM, 0 comments

I feel invisible there. And no matter how hard I try to be seen for my good it's always something else that comes up taking my light away.

Posted at Feb 28, 2017 10:52 PM, 2 comments

Love my job but need more recharge time. I'm an introverted teacher (wonder if I'm just an ambivert) which surprises some people, but I feel at ease with my students--I only get nervous with some peers and my bosses, though they're all so nice! But yeah, use up a TON of energy on the job and go home feeling pretty spent. Sometimes I play video games to recharge, but don't always get the chance, like with today's headache. Need to survive this week lol

Posted at Mar 1, 2017 2:10 AM, 2 comments
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