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Stress at Work

My job is making me more anxious and depressed and lonely. Sometimes I wish I'd get sick so I wouldn't have to go in.

Posted at Sep 8, 2015 5:47 AM, 3 comments

Sometimes at work I get so sad that it's hard to breathe. So tell me how do you expect me to talk about my demons when they're sitting on my lungs?

Posted at Sep 10, 2015 4:11 PM, 0 comments

Nobody gets it. I spend all my energy and spirit at work. We're short staffed so I've been busting my butt for the last 5 weeks. I'm exhausted. And nobody gets it. My body has had enough. I'm still recovering from hip surgery and having to work like I do takes a toll. I need a vacation to recharge myself and I can't even afford that becuase my boyfriend doesn't have a jo. My paychecks never reflect how hard I work. I just need a damn break from all the stress and I can't even get that.

Posted at Sep 11, 2015 1:20 AM, 0 comments

Ugh just started my third job today.. Double shift tomorrow working 7 am-10 pm... And double shift Tuesday 7am- midnight... Don't know how long I can do this for...

Posted at Sep 7, 2015 1:57 AM, 0 comments

I feel as if I am stuck in a job I am not good at and depresses me. I have done my best to apply to other jobs but I have not had any interviews even though I have my MBA. I go into work everyday with dread in my heart. I just want to be happy and not waiting for the other shoe to always drop.

Posted at Sep 9, 2015 4:21 PM, 1 comments

Anxious about starting work as a new nurse and being on my own. It feels like everyone expects me to know everything and be confident. I get so anxious thinking about what can go wrong and how I'll never get my dream job.

Posted at Sep 9, 2015 5:52 AM, 4 comments

Every time I make a mistake my boss acts as if I did it on purpose and it is the end of the world. Every time I apologise and try to fix the mistakes as best I can and put something in place to avoid it happening again. My boss doesn't seem to see that I am trying my best & that I am a human who will inevitably make mistakes! She wants me to be a robot & because I'm not 'perfect' like she is she doesn't respect me at all. I can't take it anymore :-(

Posted at Sep 7, 2015 7:53 PM, 1 comments

Internal job interview tomorrow. Actively looking to take on my biggest career challenge yet. To catch up on lost time? To prove to myself im still as capable as i used to be? I dunno, i just see it as a step towards my end goal. The anxiety is figjting me though, cant stop wortying. I know im good enough so whats wrong with me

Posted at Sep 10, 2015 7:38 PM, 2 comments

People say that you have to find a job you like. I can't motivate myself in my actual job and I can't think in a job that would make me feel satisfied.

Posted at Sep 7, 2015 9:58 PM, 0 comments

I've just finished my long studies and i'm looking for a job. I've done several interviews and even got an offer. But i'm stressed, what if i'm not good enough, what if i fail, what if it turns out to be more than i can handle. It's new and i'm scared. Anybody feel the same ?

Posted at Sep 7, 2015 12:01 AM, 0 comments

Just had a new colleague start and for some reason his inabilities and lack of knowledge bother me so much as I fear it reflects poorly on me and my performance. I need to remember his performance or lack thereof has nothing to do with me and my performance.

Posted at Sep 10, 2015 3:41 AM, 1 comments

I feel ansiety and stress in my job because i can see everyday how my work partners are spending whole day in Facebook or reading news about famous people and similar things. Siento ansiedad, estres, en mi trabajo como mis compañeros se la pasan en facebook, leyendo chismes y así... Creo que tengo un problema jaja

Posted at Sep 7, 2015 2:57 AM, 0 comments

Well this is pretty cool. I needed to find a different way to vent about work. I need to focus on other things instead of stressing about everything. Looking forward to this. Work is expecting I take the big Dog role without any care in the world. Busting my ass for these people and they don't care about the stress levels that come with the role. I'm sick of being the little man who gets no respect.

Posted at Sep 10, 2015 5:57 AM, 0 comments

I have to go to my internship/job tomorrow. It's a 2.5 hour commute to and from with traffic. Without its about a 2 hour commute. I get a lot done at work and never feel like I'm sitting there and not doing anything or accomplishing anything, and am always busy; but that drive is completely exhausting. I have to leave by 5:30 to be there at 8, and leave at 6 to be home by 8-8:30. So it's a pretty exhausting.

Posted at Sep 9, 2015 6:11 AM, 1 comments

I am terrified of going to work! I am still in school and my friends have jobs that they enjoy, but last year I had a waitressing job that was a bad experience. It has thrown me. I had anxiety attacks on the way and now I'm scared to get a new one. I had surgery and just decided not to go back afterwards. I feel pathetic for it and I want to feel like a normal person but it makes me feel so anxious. I should be going to uni next year too and feel like I need one to "look good and motivated" 😣

Posted at Sep 12, 2015 10:34 AM, 2 comments

When your client comes with changes 5 minutes befor you close and you have to stay late to get the work donof

Posted at Sep 10, 2015 2:19 AM, 2 comments

I just tried to go back to work for the first time in 5 months. I made it through my first day, but today I called out sick. I just can't handle it. It scares me because it makes me feel like I will never be able to work. I just don't want to work there now and I don't know if I should quit or force myself to keep going.

Posted at Sep 9, 2015 5:13 PM, 2 comments

I am a student and a part time job in retail. My job SHOULD be the equivalent of answering the phone and running a register. Instead I often do the work of 3 people( including the manager) all while getting attacked for not being more like them. But because I'm in medical school and will eventually make more in a month than I do in a year now, I'm somehow lesser...

Posted at Sep 13, 2015 12:18 AM, 0 comments

I work full time but on the side I train so I can join the military, I guess I'm starting to lose my motivation. It's all I've ever wanted but I feel stuck..lost. Idk what I'm doing anymore. I'm starting to become moody and sabotage my weight loss but I know it's because I'm not happy. I'm sad and worn out..

Posted at Sep 8, 2015 1:18 AM, 0 comments

I work at a family run farm shop in their cafe (distant family) and when I started over a year ago I was thrown into working on the till with little to no help and would always get shouted at by the chef in front of all my coworkers, we have a much better relationship but to this day I still get really bad anxiety when she says I'm working on the till but building stronger relationships with coworkers has helped me a lot as they are always there to help now even on stressful and busy days

Posted at Sep 7, 2015 11:03 PM, 0 comments
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