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Mindfulness Meditations for Stress Relief

R.A.I.N. Recognize what you are feeling Allow those feelings to inhabit your brain Investigate with compassion why you are feeling this way Non-Identify with those feelings because they are not who you are. Emotions are not characteristics.

Posted at Jun 5, 2018 5:59 PM, 0 comments

When I feel myself getting negative I recall and recite all the positive, motivating things Ive heard or bible scriptures that I’ve heard that being me peace and put everything back into perspective

Posted at Jun 4, 2018 1:07 AM, 1 comments

I think it’s important to realize you can miss something, but not want it back.

Posted at Jun 5, 2018 9:10 PM, 0 comments

Try to change your routine up each day. Wear your watch on the other wrist, take a different route to school or work, or wear a new accessory. Use this to remind yourself that life will still go well with a bit of change.

Posted at Jun 4, 2018 2:03 AM, 0 comments

Make lists and work on completing the tasks from quickest to longest. It makes you feel accomplished and in control

Posted at Jun 10, 2018 5:04 AM, 0 comments

Everything is temporary

Posted at Jun 6, 2018 6:21 PM, 1 comments

I’ve stopped overthinking so much, I’ve stopped questioning why I’m doing things, I’ve stopped giving myself an option to opt out of things that will only do me good, I’ve started doing things for myself, I’ve started being spontaneous and saying to myself ‘just do it’ because there really is no reason why not, you only live once, I’m 18 and it’s almost summer, I’m going to make it one to remember with friends, family, late nights and laughter, I deserve this

Posted at Jun 5, 2018 8:23 PM, 1 comments

I remind myself to take a moment to pause and tell God how I’m feeling. It keeps me in touch with my faith and also in touch with how I’m feeling

Posted at Jun 6, 2018 12:58 AM, 0 comments

Catching myself in the act of negative talk and thinking. I might try to correct myself or just notice and intend to do better in the future.

Posted at Jun 3, 2018 10:51 PM, 0 comments

Reminding myself that I’m a great person & Im doing just fine ❤️

Posted at Jun 6, 2018 3:50 PM, 1 comments

I write down my day in a journal. The good and the bad. At the end of the week I read over it, and I see how I have improved and progressed.

Posted at Jun 3, 2018 1:18 PM, 3 comments

PSA: Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears, it will pass.

Posted at Jun 3, 2018 9:49 PM, 0 comments

Don’t take things too personal.

Posted at Jun 9, 2018 2:51 PM, 0 comments

I really am working at seeing the positive sides of challenging situations.

Posted at Jun 6, 2018 10:35 PM, 0 comments

If I have a hard time and I get upset over other ppl's energies; I try to make an invisible bubble around me. I change my energy, and decide nothing can touch me :)

Posted at Jun 7, 2018 12:42 PM, 2 comments

Look out a window and observe the clouds. What colour are they? Can I see the sun? Are they fluffy or smooth?

Posted at Jun 9, 2018 5:41 AM, 0 comments

I remember that every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with you’re dreams or wake up and chase them

Posted at Jun 7, 2018 1:15 AM, 0 comments

Taking walks and writing in my journal really help to clear my mind

Posted at Jun 3, 2018 7:38 PM, 0 comments

There is so much more to you than what someone else thinks of your outer appearance

Posted at Jun 9, 2018 2:00 PM, 0 comments

Be yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff

Posted at Jun 10, 2018 12:21 AM, 1 comments

More and more it helps to disconnect from social media. Spending less time online is beneficial.

Posted at Jun 8, 2018 5:15 AM, 0 comments

Guided meditation.

Posted at Jun 4, 2018 3:50 AM, 0 comments

Today I’m feeling happy, and that’s a good place to start.

Posted at Jun 8, 2018 2:09 AM, 0 comments

Belly breathing is actually quite helpful. It's challenging to breath into the stomach instead of the chest

Posted at Jun 5, 2018 1:54 AM, 0 comments

I like to work in my garden. It easy for me to focus on the little things in the moment like how each plant is growing, the feel of the sun, the bugs, or how fast the weeds sprout up. It’s extraordinary to watch things grow. Being outside is a plus too!

Posted at Jun 7, 2018 2:52 AM, 0 comments
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