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Mindfulness Meditations for Stress Relief

This app is what helps me the most, everyday I comment something I am grateful for. 😊 it's helpful because even on my bad days I can find something to be grateful for!

Posted at Feb 1, 2017 5:21 AM, 1 comments

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. It makes it easier to focus on improving myself, instead of comparing myself to others.

Posted at Jan 29, 2017 5:15 PM, 6 comments

I don't focus on negative things anymore. I don't watch news, removed Facebook app, read more favourite books, sing more dance more, laugh more, spend more time with family and friends. Stopped overthinking.

Posted at Jan 29, 2017 10:59 PM, 1 comments

I made cookies after feeling like a piece of crap all day, and they're actually pretty good.

Posted at Jan 31, 2017 2:34 AM, 0 comments

Going through this app and seeing the lovely posts of positivity and self recovery and people making efforts remind me of how life can actually be. It can be whatever I want if I put my mind to it.

Posted at Feb 3, 2017 9:17 AM, 0 comments

I recently eliminated any kind of social network (Facebook, Instagram,...) and turn off my tv because I was tired of being judged and I felt disgusted of all bad broadcasted news.

Posted at Jan 30, 2017 10:15 PM, 1 comments

I am not my anxiety. Let it come & get it over with. I am still standing in the end. That's what matters. Again, I am the Winner! 💪🏻

Posted at Feb 4, 2017 5:27 AM, 0 comments

By remembering that living in a fiirst world country, no matter the circumstance, I am always luckier than those suffering from disease, government corruption, and starvation.

Posted at Feb 4, 2017 4:44 AM, 0 comments

Spending more time focusing on myself and my own happiness rather than constantly worrying about others who don't appreciate my care. Sometimes I think we need to be a little bit selfish to realise that people are dragging us down and preventing us from being ourselves. Just be you! <3

Posted at Jan 30, 2017 4:18 PM, 0 comments

I recently threw out all old journals which contained a lot of depression/anxiety pages. Now, I work with one journal and only write encouraging entries in it. How you think really does affect you feel in life.

Posted at Jan 30, 2017 2:36 AM, 0 comments

I try to speak to everyone as if I were speaking to myself.

Posted at Jan 29, 2017 3:10 PM, 0 comments

I literally stop and smell the flowers sometimes. It's important to remember to slow down and appreciate the simple things no matter how busy you are.

Posted at Jan 29, 2017 2:46 PM, 2 comments

I visualize how may life will be after I get myself out of all this mess. How better days will indeed come and I'll feel free and genuinely happy.

Posted at Feb 2, 2017 1:13 PM, 0 comments

look up and realize i am small. look down and realize i am a giant.

Posted at Feb 5, 2017 4:15 AM, 0 comments

Don't be afraid to let yourself be vulnerable in the company of another, don't let bad experiences taint your view on people. Not everybody is out to hurt you or to take something from you, someone out there will help you find yourself, be open and show them all of the colours that are deep within yourself and encourage them the same - that person will remind of why you trusted yourself - no matter the outcome.

Posted at Jan 30, 2017 4:20 PM, 0 comments

Appreciate the experience, let it go, and start again fresh.

Posted at Jan 30, 2017 9:00 PM, 0 comments

Reminded today that even playing one song on my ukulele really does affect my brain in positive ways. Synapses fire across and there is endorphinc joy.

Posted at Jan 31, 2017 2:59 PM, 0 comments

I focus on one day at a time

Posted at Jan 31, 2017 6:34 PM, 0 comments

I remind myself that negativity can only make things worse and so I tell myself that it will go, it isn't a part of me. I try to not let it control me. I have the control and the right to feel happy.

Posted at Feb 2, 2017 8:16 AM, 0 comments

I remind myself that it may seem bad now but to smile at every one because one smile can stop someone from harming themselves or others.

Posted at Feb 1, 2017 7:03 AM, 1 comments

I color. It makes me relaxed.

Posted at Feb 4, 2017 5:30 PM, 0 comments

I take a day at a time, a moment at a time Trying to stay awake and aware to my inner workings and not buy into the negative thoughts and emotions... It isn't easy but it is worth it

Posted at Jan 31, 2017 11:02 PM, 1 comments

Colouring in or doing breathing exercises

Posted at Feb 1, 2017 2:54 PM, 2 comments

I organize. I'm a freak about cleaning and things being pleasing to the eye so that's how I keep sane

Posted at Feb 4, 2017 5:49 PM, 1 comments

I remember that my perspective comes from my eyes and ears, and that I'm in body, which as an extension of my physical senses and perception.

Posted at Feb 2, 2017 2:30 AM, 0 comments
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