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Mindfulness Meditations for Stress Relief

I repeat "you're ok are strong" under my breath when in an anxious situation. Going into a shop on my own for example. The repetition of the phrase keeps my mind focussed. X

Posted at Oct 10, 2015 9:47 PM, 0 comments

I have started meditating for like at least 5 mins a day. It's hard to start with but after few days you really get it going well for yourself. Just do the basic meditation which is focus on ur breathing pattern. Let the thoughts come n go. Eventually it will lead to to the calm state f mind.

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 5:36 PM, 1 comments

My mom once told me, don't worry about a situation you cannot fix at that exact moment.. I am slowly getting there but it will take time.

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 4:31 AM, 0 comments

break your day into pieces half hours or hours that you can occupy some with work, yoga, mindfullness, meditation, hobbies etc. dont get overwhelmed bring your mind into this moment now! not the past nor the future just RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. what do u see, hear, feel? what insight comes to you? find what things work for you and reward yourself daily for keeping going! for hope! love yourself, treat tourself as u would your most loved pet! be kind and be PRESENT, in the now!!

Posted at Oct 5, 2015 7:30 AM, 0 comments

I remind myself of my 'bubble' around me. The right here and right now, to stay present in this moment and let the other thoughts just wash by.

Posted at Oct 11, 2015 1:54 AM, 1 comments

Hating someone who has wronged you without knowing anything they have been through won't make you any smarter.Just know that they won't change who you are and that they have no power to change you for the worse

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 7:24 PM, 3 comments

I try to remind myself to breathe deeply when feeling bad. It just clears my mind

Posted at Oct 10, 2015 8:25 PM, 0 comments

I'm trying to live and eat healthily, which normally helps give a good basis for my mindfulness. If I fuel with positive energy, I can live with positive energy. I like to run and go for bike rides to enjoy nature and give my mind time to wander, as I do to an extent in meditation. Giving myself focus helps. I try not to judge others and accept situations as they come and go. What will be will be.

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 12:25 PM, 0 comments

I let myself feel down if that's how I feel because I know that I will feel okay again

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 2:34 AM, 1 comments

When im stressed i try and bring myself back to the now. Usually by finding as many objects as possible inthe same colour around me,and counting those

Posted at Oct 10, 2015 8:45 PM, 0 comments

A small act of kindness can change someone else's day. It instantly changes my mood and makes me feel better. It makes me want to do it even more often.

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 4:15 AM, 0 comments

I become aware of my feelings, so if in feeling anxious I acknowledge that I'm anxious which makes me more likely to want to control it

Posted at Oct 8, 2015 8:33 PM, 0 comments

When I'm anxious I get really tense and my breathing becomes uneven. To calm myself I tend to focus on one thing in the room I'm in. The concentration usually blocks out any noise that may be making me anxious. I will concentrate on something as small as paint peeling of a wall, the reflection of a light or a carpet or wood pattern on the floor. This can also be used with smells, or touching surfaces and thinking about it. It really helps when I'm 'out of it' .

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 11:14 AM, 0 comments

Being outdoors (like on a walk in the park), I focus on my senses to take my mind off of the anxiety I feel. I tell myself quietly everything I see, hear, smell, feel, etc. It usually helps bring my focus back to center.

Posted at Oct 4, 2015 8:38 PM, 0 comments

Yoga is the best thing that I can dbe for my soul to feel at peace every morning and every night

Posted at Oct 11, 2015 3:44 AM, 0 comments

Because I have a lot of personas, when I was having attacks I would imagine another version of myself who's much more confident, calm, and compassionate telling me how proud she was of my improvement each day and my decision to stay alive despite everything. And then I'd tell her I'm proud of her too.

Posted at Oct 7, 2015 1:38 PM, 0 comments

Pretending the world is a painting and admiring the complex and intricate textures, colors, shapes, values, etc.

Posted at Oct 6, 2015 4:08 AM, 0 comments

I talk to myself, I think " everything's gonna be alright, you're OK. See? You did it. You're great". Today it is not working well but I keep repeat it

Posted at Oct 6, 2015 10:30 AM, 0 comments

last days I've been negative thinking on my bestie because i want to leave her,she doesn't care about me,and is just all her all her,got me sick😷 she has changed this last time

Posted at Oct 4, 2015 5:47 PM, 1 comments

Remember that I have faults and that's OK I need to learn the matter what I do I need to be honest with myself

Posted at Oct 8, 2015 12:14 AM, 0 comments

What does it mean to be mindful? Is it awareness...of yourself, others? I read a few of the things posted and remain confused. Thus..I'm not sure if I'm mindful at all.

Posted at Oct 7, 2015 2:24 PM, 1 comments

Couloring!! called "colouring in" over here in Oz but yes focusing on coloring between the lines and choosing which colour and where to start its really mindfull cos you are focusing in and really thinking about the job at hand without any stress!!

Posted at Oct 5, 2015 4:50 AM, 0 comments

I remind myself of my surroundings and try to take it all in.

Posted at Oct 11, 2015 1:11 AM, 0 comments

If a had a time to relax or practice some sport I would be happier

Posted at Oct 9, 2015 2:10 AM, 0 comments

I like to do breathing and mediation

Posted at Oct 5, 2015 4:34 AM, 0 comments
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