8 Questions with Aly

We’re suckers for learning as much as we can about other people’s self-care rituals and mental health support tools. Sure, it’s great to pick-up new tips, but mostly, it’s nice to be reminded that we’re not alone in having some days that are harder than others. We all need some support from time to time…even superstar athletes. 

We recently sat down with gold medal gymnast and wellness advocate, Aly Raisman, to discuss her self-care rituals, tools for feeling better, and what’s topping her gratitude list. As always, we love Aly’s dedication to breaking down barriers to mental health support and for simply keeping it real. We hope you’re inspired by her too.


1. What are your go-to tools for managing anxiety in the moment? 
It is a work in progress. To be honest, in the moments where I feel really anxious I will call a friend, my mom, someone I trust. To help prevent bad anxiety, I try to meditate in the middle of the day. I also find stretching and unplugging from my phone to be helpful.


2. Who do you turn to for support when you have a challenging day?
I am lucky to have people in my life that I can go to if I am needing advice or I am anxious. Sometimes it is my mom, a therapist, a friend, or one of my siblings.


 3. How has Sanvello helped you on your journey?
Sanvello has helped me prioritize making more time for myself. It serves as a great reminder to check-in on how I’m feeling and helps me meet myself wherever I’m at. I especially enjoy doing the meditations and Guided Journeys. It helps me to get out of my head and feel more present in the moment.


4. What are the things that typically top your gratitude list?
Definitely my puppy Mylo and things found in nature. I’ve found that the more specific I am when practicing gratitude, the better it is for my mental health.


5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start therapy, but is afraid?
Be kind to yourself and start therapy whenever you feel ready. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find the right fit, but if you are open to it, therapy can be a safe place and can help you to feel less alone. It’s nice to have some extra support.


6. Do you have a book that you’ve recently read that moved you? What music helps you to chill out?
I just read The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement. They have really helped me and I find myself thinking about them often. I also love the book 29 Gifts. I listen to very calming music at home. When it comes to winding down, I often put on the Sanvello “Time to Relax” playlist.


7. What hobby brings you joy? Any habits you’re working to incorporate into your daily life?
My favorite hobby is gardening. It brings me a lot of peace and joy…and speaking of peace, I definitely want to add more stretching and meditation into my routine.

8. What’s one thing that you have learned about yourself in quarantine?
I’ve learned that I don’t always need to rely on other people to help me feel better. It is a work in progress!

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By Katie Nave, Copywriter at Sanvello

Katie Nave is a writer and mental health advocate living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been featured in publications including Glamour, Business Insider, and Motherly. She has served as a producer for the National Women’s March and worked with organizations like Girls Inc. and CancerCare. She is currently the Copywriter at Sanvello and you can follow her on Instagram: @kathryn.e.nave