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Sanvello 3 million people stronger - text outlined on the beach


Wow. As of this week, Sanvello is officially helping over 3 million people.

When we started down the path of creating Pacifica, I would never have thought how humbling this experience would be. It’s incredible to me to think that our cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and the supportive Sanvello community have helped so many feel a little stronger than they were yesterday.

Five years ago, when Chris and I started talking about this idea, we wanted to create an app that didn’t exist at the time. We wanted to provide an array of evidence-based tools that anyone could reach for to help deal with the emotions and situations they’re facing in that moment, wrapped in an experience that people actually enjoyed.


Thank you: Free premium access through Sept. 25

And now, as a thank you to everyone for their support, and to share additional mental health resources during National Suicide Prevention Week, we’re turning on free premium access for all users through Sept. 25.

In addition, all new subscriptions purchased in the app through Oct. 9 will be discounted 33 percent–for as long as you have the subscription.

At Sanvello, it’s our mission to ensure more people have access to care solutions in a trusted, private environment. Our hope is that this offer will allow more people to access Sanvello and get the help they need.


Share stories and resources

As fall approaches, please consider sharing Sanvello with a family member or friend who may benefit from it. Real conversations about mental health, and the tools to help improve it, open doors. The size of the Sanvello community, and the collective growth members have experienced, is proof of that.

Thanks for making Sanvello part of your journey to a healthier, happier you. We’re honored to play a small role, and hope you continue to feel better and stronger each day.


– Dale, Chris, and the Sanvello team


By Dale Beermann
CTO, Sanvello

Dale was the former CEO and co-founder of Pacifica Labs, where he focused on bridging the gap between consumer adoption and evidence-based practices in mental health care, growing the product to over 2.9 million registered users. Pacifica was acquired in order to provide the initial technology platform for Sanvello Health, where he now serves as CTO. Previously, Dale was the co-founder of Sharendipity and MyOutdoors, and also helped start a non-profit focused on teaching entrepreneurship in education.