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You keep the world turning. Let us return the favor.

Sanvello has the self-care resources to help you get through the COVID-19 crisis. You do so much for others. Take a moment to do something for yourself. 

Peer Support

Connect with others in the hospitality community.

Talk to peers who get it. Share, connect, and draw strength from others in the Hospitality Worker Support Community all through the Sanvello app.

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in Your Stories

Keep going; you can do it. Don’t give up

in Health

Friendly reminder: healing is not an overnight process

in Gratitude

I’m new to this app, but I haven’t seen one hateful comment towards another person. Everyone on here is so open minded and you guys never judge

in Relax

Feeling happy is so weird, very cool, but weird, it’s such an unfamiliar feeling to me but I’ve felt it so much recently

Your mental health matters.Take care of it.

These tools are here to support you.


Staying Strong: Coronavirus Q&A – Drawing Boundaries

COVID-19 has many front line workers spending more time at work and at home than ever before. Learn how to make space and draw boundaries for continued self-care. 

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Hospitality Worker Support

Share stories and find strength, or express your gratitude.

Blog Post

FACE COVID: How to take back control from your anxiety

Learn practical steps for regaining control over your emotions during the COVID-19 crisis.


Staying Strong: Coronavirus Q&A –
Virtual Care and Therapy During the Crisis

What is the role of virtual care during COVID-19, and how do I get started with it as a provider if I’ve never used before?

Guided Meditation

A Mindful Walk

Need a moment? Take a mindful walk—anywhere, anytime—with this relaxing guided meditation.

Guided Meditation

Working with Uncertainty

COVID-19 is a time of uncertainty, which fuels anxiety for many of us. This guided meditation will help you become more comfortable with uncertainty.

Share these free resources.

Below are additional free resources you can share with your family, your friends, and anyone else who might benefit from them.

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Blog Post

6 unexpected ways to feel connected in a quarantine

With the internet at our disposal, here are some fun and clever ways to feel connected even when we’re social distancing.

Blog Post

Coronavirus news can be stressful. Here’s how to manage your anxiety.

In the face of never-ending coronavirus content, how can you stay calm? Here are a few tips to help you manage.

Blog post

How to help a friend struggling with mental health in a pandemic

How do we help take care of the people in our lives when they might be struggling, too? Check out these helpful tips.

Guided Journey

One Small Step

Learn the power of taking one small step.

Flipbook / PDF

A Guide to Feeling Better

Find relief during tough moments with the key cognitive behavioral therapy lessons from Sanvello.


Staying Strong: Coronavirus Q&A –
Coping With the Media

The 24/7 news cycle is causing many of us to feel burned out on COVID-19. Here’s how you can filter out the noise and reduce stress.